Comfortable Chair

Accessorise Your Ride

In order to make the most of your wheelchair there are a number of accessories you may want to consider. Some of them may relate to your comfort, some of them may relate the comfort of the person pushing the chair and finally some relate to maintaining your chair.

The Gloves are Off

Gloves are a handy accessory for both you, as the occupant of the chair, and the person in charge of pushing the wheelchair. For you gloves are helpful as they protect your hands from blisters and friction, this is particularly important if you intend to propel yourself by pushing the wheels round. Additionally if you are elderly you will feel the cold more and as such gloves become as essential. As for the person pushing the chair gloves are useful as they protect their hands from blisters. They may have to put a lot of strain on their hands at times, thus it is wise for them to protect their hands.

a comfortable chair

A Comfortable Chair

As a wheelchair user you are privileged in that you always have a comfortable chair no matter where you are. However your chair will only be as comfortable as you permit it to be. There are a whole range of different cushions available to make your chair comfortable and support your back properly. A standard cushion from your settee will not be appropriate as it will not promote a healthy sitting position.

It is advisable to invest in a speciality cushion designed specifically for wheelchairs. Some of them are inflatable, some of them are memory foam and some of them are filled with synthetic materials. Furthermore they are sold in a variety of different shapes, each offering a different form of support. If possible it is best to go into a shop and try out a few different cushions to find the one that is right for you.

Weather Wise

Being confined to a wheelchair means that your movement is very limited, as a result you are likely to experience the full force of the weather when outdoors. One of the primary benefits of the wheelchair is the ability to experience the outdoors in a way you have perhaps not been able to do in recent years.

To make the most of the outdoors it is essential to have the right cloths for different conditions. The weather can change very suddenly and you may find yourself caught in a sudden rain storm. One handy accessory is the wheelchair poncho. This is a large waterproof cover that can be folded up into a small package. If you find yourself caught in a sudden rain storm this can be quickly deployed providing essential protection from the elements. In addition you should carry the usual hat, gloves, scarf and a warm jacket.

Carrying Capacity

How do you expect me to carry all of that? You may be wondering. Well, do not fret there is a solution for that as well. There are a range of bags that have been produced to fit onto the back of your wheelchair. These bags provide storage for all your essentials and prevent ill-fitting bags designed for other purposes dragging along the ground etc.

These accessories should ensure that you are prepared for any occurrence and enable you to make the most of your wheelchair. There are other bits and pieces available for your chair but the ones mentioned in this article are some of the keys ones you may wish to consider. When purchasing any additional accessories bear in mind how compatible they are with your wheelchair.

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