Wheelchair Wonders
Wheelchair Wonders

Wheelchair Wonders

At first it may be very difficult to accept that you are going to be confined to a wheelchair for the foreseeable future, but in time you will come to embrace your wheelchair. It is essential to realise the benefits your wheelchair provides in order to move forward and develop.

Frustrated Acceptance

It is only naturally to go through a period of frustration as the freedom and independence you once had is seemingly removed from your range of capabilities. The first thing you must try and persuade yourself to do is accept your situation. This will prove a very hard stage to concur for many people, but it is crucial for your development. Once you have accepted your situation you can start to appreciate the benefits your chair provides and try and resume some form of reality.

Wheely Empowering

Wheely Empowering

Pardon the pathetic play on words, but seriously wheelchairs provide a scope of benefits that you will gradually come to acknowledge. Below are some of the benefits a wheelchair can provide:

  1. Mobility – with age generally comes decreased mobility, a wheelchair allows you to combat this.
  2. Independence and Freedom – you no longer have to worry about falling and can move by yourself. If your wheelchair is self-propelled you may be able to make small unassisted journeys by yourself.
  3. Comfort – you will always have a comfortable chair no matter where you are.
  4. Enjoy Activities – Enjoying the outdoors is one of the primary motivations for many people to invest in a wheelchair.
  5. Increased socialisation –A wheelchair allows you to safely and comfortably meet up with people, particularly family, in a way you may not have been able to do for quite some time.

A wheelchair allows you to get out of the house and engage in activities that you previously enjoyed in comfort. It is important that you select your chair carefully as you will be spending a great deal of time in it; this was covered in another article on this blog. Most manual wheelchairs allow the user to propel the chair themselves, giving greater freedom and independence. Finally a wheelchair gives you greater freedom to meet people and socialise. Make sure you embrace and increase your social circle; they will most likely support you through what can be a very difficult transition.

Senior Society

Senior Society

It is widely reported that we are an ageing society, with many people being born after World War II. As a result society is increasingly accepting of senior citizens in general. Staff and the public alike are always very willing to help facilitate your experience in a wheelchair. There are some perks to being a senior citizen as well such as a bus pass, discounts at events and privileged parking. Make the most of what you can get and enjoy what are meant to be your golden years. With freedom from work commitments now is the time to fulfil any remaining goals. Be proud of your new found independence and enjoy every experience.

Concluding Comments

Accept your situation sooner rather than later to avoid missing opportunities to experience something new. Enjoy your new found freedom and make the most of your new sense of independence. Society is more accepting than it has ever been, this can benefit you enormously. Embrace the help society is so willing to provide and use this to improve your quality of life.

This article has given a very positive review of the benefits a wheelchair can provide. Clearly transitioning to a wheelchair is likely to be a difficult situation for anyone to accept and there will inevitably be hurdles both psychological and physical, to overcome in the weeks and years to come.

No one wants to consider their own mortality, but aging manifests itself in cruel ways. It is difficult to bear witness to a loved one aging, their once powerful frame slowly becoming frail, their piercing eyes becoming glassy and distant.

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