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5 Top Sources of Information

Increasingly internet mediated communications have gained prominence in every aspect of our daily lives. The transition to a wheelchair is no exception, the internet provides a wealth of information regarding the different factors faced when purchasing a wheelchair or using one. This blog aims to add to and develop the existing base of information, this particular post will consider some key ways you can gleam information from the internet and from specialists.

1.     Google

Starting with a generic search from a search engine such as Google can provide a wide range of varied sources of data. You can use this as a way to gain a surface understanding of the range of Wheelchairs available and the necessary accessories. From this initial search you can start to consider what exactly you want from a wheelchair and perhaps where you will purchase the chair from.


2.     Forums and Blogs

Forums and blogs often provide real insight in that they come from customers who have experienced first-hand the product. Furthermore many of them offer two-way communication in that you can contact the blogger or comment on the forums requesting further information. Forums and blogs are likely to cover issues that you may face not covered by official websites which can be tainted by the underlying selling motive.

review websites

3.     Review Websites

Much like the forums and blogs mentioned previously review websites can provide real life insights. These are only useful if you have narrowed you search to a select few wheelchairs. Key issues to look out for include: transportability, features and above all comfort. The key questions regarding the selection of a wheelchair have been considered in another blog post.


4.     Medical Specialists

If you can gain access to medical professionals who can advise you on the purchasing of a wheelchair these can be the greatest help out there. As they are not trying to sell you anything they are not motivated to try and sell you the most expensive wheelchair. Instead they should be acting purely in the interests of the individual thus providing the best possible wheelchair for their needs.


5.     Local Wheelchair Retailers

Although you can purchase wheelchairs online many people may feel much more comfortable purchasing them in store. This allows you to try multiple wheelchairs and chose the chair best suited for your needs. Although the wheelchair salesman may be very willing to provide advice it is important to note that he may be acting in the interest of sales figures. The medical specialists however are more likely to be neutral in that they do not have an ulterior motive. Many sales people will of course be genuine and act in the interests of your budget and the individual confined to a wheelchair.

Informed Individual

It is a widely regarded notion that knowledge equates to power and once again this is no exception. When you commence your search for the right wheelchair you will be faced with a plethora of worthy options. It is your job to narrow down the choices and select the best possible option. The best way to do this is to fully utilise the wide array of information available to you. Stay in control and do not be swayed by sales tactics. Here are some handy hints and tips.

  • Collect information for multiple sources: just because one reviewer thinks a certain wheelchair is excellent it does not mean everyone else agrees.
  • Do not be afraid to ask: “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”, a familiar phase applicable to many different situa If you don’t actively seek information and advice you will not receive it.
  • Know your needs and budget: try to avoid being talked into purchasing something that does not suit your requirements simply because it is on offer or because the salesman recommends it.
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